A SERVICE for you and your dog(s) 

It’s really important to me that the dogs who spend time with me genuinely enjoy it.  I want them to feel safe, loved and happy.

I am currently studying for the Certificate in Training and Counselling at The Academy for Dog Trainers. 


Reactive Dogs

Providing care for dogs, whatever their needs


I specialise in working with reactive dogs, having spent years around them. My own three dogs – two working collies and a springer – are all reactive in different ways, and they’ve taught me such a lot about their own subtle cues, what to look out for, and how best to look after them. 

I know from personal experience how hard it can be to find walkers and trainers for dogs that are perceived as ‘difficult’. Because of this I’m really happy to help take care of dogs who struggle with our unrealistic (and frankly unfair) human expectations. 


My Services

Covering Cardiff, Caerphilly and the surrounding areas I offer walking and training / behaviour modification. I am fully insured, DBS checked, a member of NarpsUK and the Pet Professional Network, and I hold a Dog First Aid certificate. 

I am certified through Canine Principles to work with reactive dogs, and to further my development I’m currently studying under Jean Donaldson through the internationally-recognised Academy for Dog Trainers. Jean is one of the best trainers in the world, and this two-year course is one of the most comprehensive, BSc-level courses available. 

The prices below are a guide. I’m very happy to provide any service you need for your dog  based on the level of care required.

Dog Walking: FULL

This can be in a group or one-to-one, with different time durations available.

From £15 for a single dog in a group walk.

£8 per additional dog (from same home)

bespoke training

We can offer this service seven days a week, subject to availability.

From £25

Day Care

Let me look after your dog if you are at work or enjoying a day out. This service is available 10am – 4pm weekdays only.

From £25

Home visits/Pet Feeding

This service is available seven days a week, subject to availability. It is an ideal alternative to using a cattery.

£8 up to a 20 minute visit

Puppy Socialisation

This service involves introducing your puppy to a range of different experiences so they can grow up to be a happy, confident dog.

From £15

House Sitting

We can look after your house and pets whilst you are away. Prices are per household and include all pets present.

Contact me for prices

Why me?

Dogs fascinate and enthral me, and they make me really happy! I feel very lucky to share my life with so many of them.

Ethics are very important to me. When I walk and train I will only use positive reinforcement methods and won’t employ any aversive techniques or dominance theory to modify behaviour. This is not only a moral choice, but an approach that’s irrefutably back up by science as the most effective and efficient way to train dogs. 

Also, I strongly believe that training should be affordable for everybody. Initial consultations start at just £15 and I’m very happy to work with you to design programmes that feel right both in their method and affordability.

 Along with my natural passion, I’m also committed to learning through The Academy of Dog Trainers, recognised worldwide as ‘The Harvard of Dog Training Schools’. I want to help you and your dogs as much as I  can, and I want to learn from the best and most ethical trainers and behaviourists in the world. 

As mentioned above I have three dogs myself and they have taught me so much about the subtle behaviour traits of dog. Through their teaching  I’ve learnt the importance of:


Allowing the dog to have its space


Pre-empting potential threats, such as other dogs, children, motorbikes or sudden noises


Being a kind, confident and calm walker / trainer


Prioritising the dogs in my care over everything else


Engaging the dogs - talking to them and having fun throughout the walk.

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I would love to chat with you to discuss your dog’s needs and find out how I can help you. 


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