An ode to reactive dogs

‘Reactive’ dogs. So for example:

  • Dogs who bark.
  • Dogs who bark at other dogs.
  • Dogs who chase squirrels.
  • Dogs who don’t want to be looked at directly and patted on the head.
  • Dogs that don’t want strangers rocking up to their house.
  • Dogs who jump up.
  • Dogs who eat discarded takeaways.
  • Dogs who pull on their leads.
  • Dogs who can’t hear you when they’re following the best scent in the world.
  • Dogs who are spooked by cattle.
  • Dogs who are spooked by kids.
  • Dogs who don’t like thunder.
  • Dogs who are frightened and vocalise, cower, or show teeth.

The science says: they’re simply being dogs.


Not humans.

Not Disney animals.


What an incredible job they do to live with us with all our weird expectations. If we had pet wolves we might give them the benefit of a lower bar (they’re all genetically over 98% wolf).

If you’re interested in the relationship between humans and dog, and how we can better play this, Jean Donaldson’s book Culture Clash is an astounding life changer.


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